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Please do not park
in the fire lanes or
in front of the
fire hydrants
You will be towed.

Come to enjoy all of our
wonderful rides!

Obey the Rules!


                          See our Code of Conduct
                          See our Policies


  • Bathers shall shower with warm water and soap, and shall rinse off all soap before entering the pool.

  • The pool manager shall restrict from using the pool any person known or reasonably suspected to have a communicable disease; skin lesions; sore or inflamed eyes reasonably believed to have been caused by a communicable disease; or mouth, nose or ear discharge

  • No person may urinate, spit, blow the nose, or deposit any foreign matter in a pool

  • Tobacco, food, and drink are prohibited on the pool deck or in the pool

  • Only persons dressed for bathing, unless authorized by pool manager, are allowed on the pool deck or in the pool area.

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is a proud member of the World Waterpark Association

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H20asis Indoor Waterpark